• January.

  • February.

Pears: peach leaf curl,spray with Bordeaux Mixture.        Also spray with tar oil wash.

Winter jasmine: prune after flowering.

  • March.

Cut back late-flowering Clematis to 12 – 18 ins. from ground.

Hydrangea: prune smooth-barked stems to 1st.pair of fat buds. Manure & peat over roots.

Roses: prune.

Spirea, Anthony Waterer: cut to 1 ft. high.

Potentilla: cut back

Buddleia: cut off abvut 4″ of long flowering shoots of last summer.

Rhubarb: box over, to force.

Raspberries: tie in longer stems.

Plums: spray with Bio Fruit Spray or Tumblebug when flowers have dropped petals.

  • April.

Spinach: sow.

Forsythia:Flowers on smooth barked shoots, – shorten to 1 ft. or 1/4 length. Shorten old branches to leave 3 shoots,   & cut back young shoots.

Ceanothus: 3oz.bone meal per sq. yd. Mulch with compost/manure.

Holly : prune

Rosemary: trim.

  • May.

Tomatoes: pot up and place in cold frame.

Clematis montana: cut back after flowering.

Plums: remove dead shoots or crossing branches.

  • June.

Tomatoes: plant out when frosts over.

Raspberries: ready for picking, towards end of month.

Clematis: early/midsummer flowering, – prune after flowering.

Broom<Cytisus>: cut back almost into old wood. Cutting old wood drastically may kill plant.

  • July.

Raspberries: when finished fruiting,cut down all fruited stems; leave 3 0r 4 for next year on each root. Tie in.

Bluebells: gather heads for seed collection.

Apples: cut back leaders to four buds.

Japonica: prune after flowering.Create framework of short  branches, cutting back those growing forward to  about four leaves. Spurs with 3 or 4 buds provide next year’s flowers.
At end of summer cut back outward growing shoots again.

  • August.

Rhubarb: 1/2 lb. bonemeal per sq. yd.

Blackberries: start picking.

Plums: ready to pick.    Prune after fruiting and seal cuts with Arbrex to prevent silver leaf.

Rambler roses: remove old flowering shoots to ground if pos.

  • September.

Plums: prune for shape.

Pears: spray aginst leaf curl.

  • October.

Blackberries: cut out all fruited stems. Shorten others as req’d, and tie in for next year.

Compost: start sifting for fine compost to spread on beds.

Buy manure.

Tomatoes: dig up.

Bulbs: sow for spring flowering.

  • November.

Compost: spread, with fine manure, on beds.

Dig manure into rhubarb and raspbery beds.

Apples and Pear: prune

Fruit trees: spray with Jeyes or similar.

Roses: prune longer shoots which could loosen plants.

  • December.

Roses: Spray plants & soil with Tar Oil <Mortegg,Jeyes,&c.>

Various plants.

Skimmia: moist, composted soil, neutral/acid. Remove dead wood mid-spring; trim after flowering.Top dress with compost; use fertiliser in spring.


Ron Silk 2003