[Gagette family changed their name to Silk in 1902.]

Philip Gagette b.1834/5 in Shoreditch.  Plasterer.

m.Priscilla Green, d. of Watchmaker, also born Shoreditch,29.4.34.

Sons  Philip George,10.11.57 at 12, Appleby St.Shoreditch.

Frederick b.1860

Philip George Gagette b.1857. d.1943

  1. Charlotte Chrisitiana Fabian

Children Bertram b.12.6.1885; d.19.5.1957 (Ron’s father)  m.June,1907 Millie Taylor, (Ron’s mother) 43, Thistlewaite Rd. Hackney.

Ethel b.28.6.86;d.10.6.75.


Arthur b.28.12.90;

18,Tarragon Rd. Hackney

Apprenticed 1.6.1871 for 6 yrs. to W.Silk & Son for House Painting, Decorating, Staining & Graining.

Then living at 15, Parker St.,Pearson St.,Shoreditch.

Purchased W.Silk & Son 16.8.1890 for £150.

Change of name by Deed Poll to SILK  , 3/4/1902  (including children).

– – – – –

Philip James Gagette m. Ann Brien  1832


Philip 1834? –     Eliza  ?

M.Priscilla Green  1857.   Dtr.of Joseph Thomas Green m                                                      P                                     Priscilla Westfield.1831


Philip George  1857 – 1943    Frederick. 1860

? m.Annie  1878

Bertie.   Florence Ethel     Grace  Arthur

1882/1957 1884     1886/1975 1887   1890/1975


  1. Bertie/Bertram m. Millie Taylor 12.6.1907


Doris.  John Bertram  Phyllis Edith & Marjorie Kathleen

1911/57 1913/89               13.1.1916

Arthur Frank    Eileen Margaret   Ronald Philip

31.5,1919    21.8.1922         1.4.1924

John (Jack) m. Joyce Pamment. 1941.  Dtr.Margaret.1944


Phyllis m. Cyril Pamment.1942.

Michael.   Philippa.    Jennifer.   Andrew


Marjorie M. Alfred Maulkin. 1949

Ray.  Linda & Janet


Arthur m. Peggy Ellis-Jones. 1948

John & Peter.  Patrick & Heather, (Heather died.aged 8)


Eileen m. Frederick Jeffery. 1947

Ian.  Nicola.


Ronald m. Gwendoline Harvey.1950 (Gwen d. 2000)

Christopher. 1962


2.Arthur m.Mabel Philippa Hodder . 1919.

Dtr. Shirley 1931



Letter dated 16th. Nov. 2003

Dear Mr. Statham,

It appears from the autumn number of the “Cockney Ancestor” that we have a common interest in the name Gagette.

My grandfather, Philip George Gagette, was born in 1857 in Dalston, and died in 1943. He was the son of Philip Gagette, also born in Dalston, about 1834/5. I could not find any record of his birth at the Family Record Centre a year or so ago, but did find out at the City of London Guildhall library that his wife, Miss Priscilla Green was born  im Shreditch in 1834. I could not find their marriage at F.R.C., but think from some.rather scrappy notes that I could not get to all the marriage records at the likely date.

Philip had a second son, Frederick, born 1860. I have an idea from memory that this son died young, but my notes don’t show that, and I’m not sure.

Philip George was apprenticed in 1871 to a builder in Homerton, W.Silk & son. He purchased this firm (for £150!) in 1890, and because he was always addressed as Mr. Silk as the boss, he changed his name by deed poll to Silk in 1902, including his two sons and two daughters.

My interest a few years ago was to ascertain that the family really were Italian as I expected (my father never encouraged any attempt to find out more), particularly as Dalston was at one time quite an Italian colony.

When I got stuck at Philip’s birth I got discouraged, other things cropped up, and I didn’t persevere.

Incidentally, when I discussed your interest with my son the other evening, he did a quick search on the net, and found  that a Frederick Gagette had died in hospital in Melbourne in 1873 at the age of 46, which would make him born in 1827. He went out in 1851, and was a painter from London. My grandfather and his father were plasterers.

I hope some of this is of interest to you, and I should be interested if you have any overlapping information.

Yours sincerely,
Ronald P. Silk